Green Bay's Newest Bead Store!

 Come into our showroom and look over the large inventory.  

250+ colors sz 11 miyuki seed beads,  also 50+ colors of sz 15. Sz 8 and sz 6 Miyuki beads.   Sz 13 and sz 10 hank Czech hank beads. 3-cut beads.   Magatamas, 3 and 4 mm squares, 100 colors of tilas,  superdous, drops, peanuts, berries and the list goes on!  (opened November 1, 2012)





  Stary Beads has a FULL class schedule.  There are 3 talented teachers all  with great beading experience!

 We also offer our LARGE beadroom to any club or group looking for a great  beadplace to meet. (contact Brenda please)

 There will be a free DEMO once a month!  

 Bring in your current project with any questions and get answers on the  spot!

 Buy any book and Brenda will give you one on one time with a project in the  book!

 We also have FREE PARKING and a great location!

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